• Investment & Financing

    Provide most up-to-date startup information, deal sourcing and financing advisory services

  • Conference

    Co-Organize hundreds of professional events and conferences, attendees from 50 to 10,000

  • SVIEF Fund

    $100M fund I in RMB and USD

  • Business Delegation

    Visit top Chinese companies, governments and tech parks to discover partners and opportunities

  • SVIEF Club

    Premium community connecting 300+ government representatives, investment institutes, startups, universities and leading tech companies

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Our Story

SVIEF is the leading silicon valley based venture capital service platform designed to promote business partnership and innovation between U.S and China. It aims to build an influential brand among venture capital service and high tech communication ecosystem. SVIEF promotes the communication between the high tech industry in China and U.S with new interactive mobile platforms, offline conferences and monthly VC events. SVIEF is the most effective channel for Chinese high tech companies, entrepreneurship and investors to expand their business into U.S market.

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