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SVIEF-STAR Startup Contest

With the profound brand influence and social networks in the high tech industry in the United States,the company has established a solid channel to attract high quality innovative projects and to reach out to the investment firms and corporations. The company also provides financial consulting services and information consulting services for investment firms and startups, collecting commission or a certain percentage of equity after a successful funding.

Our judges were founding partners of top funds and incubators from China and US.


Tim Draper(DFJ), Hans Tung(GGV Capital) / Ricardo Angel(GE Ventures) / Brad Bao(Fosun Kinzon) / Hugo Shong(IDG), Rui Ma(500 Startups) / Alireza(Plug&Play)

Annual Application Received


AI / AR(VR)/ Robot / IoT / Biotech / MI / New Energy / New material / Smart Car / Cloud Computing / Big Data

Total Startup Contests 16+
Private Pitch 50+
Annual Application Received 1000+
SVIEF-STAR Awarded Startups 40+
Funded through SVIEF 100+